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We dig potatoes. 

Family potato farm in Blezard Valley, ON since 1981.

Once upon a time in the 1800's

Sam Rainville discovered that the rich sandy soil north of Sudbury in Blezard Valley produced the best potatoes that he had ever eaten.

 From his small farm he started growing and selling these exceptional potatoes. Five generations later, the Rainville to Gaudet family tradition continues.


 Our Story 

Roland Rainville founded Valley Growers Inc. in 1981, establishing the largest potato farm in Northern Ontario. Being born and raised in farming, as a third-generation farmer, Roland had a passion for farming, especially potatoes. That passion was passed down two generations to his grandson, Justin Gaudet who now operates the farm with his wife Alicia and their amazing team at Valley Growers.

As a young farmer, Justin is driven on producing great tasting potatoes while focused on using sustainable agricultural practices. He uses full season cover crops in his potato rotation to build soil health and organic matter leading to regenerative agriculture. With roots in Mechanical Engineering, Justin also focuses on using innovative technologies in every aspect of the farming process to ensure maximum efficiencies to reduce environmental impacts.

From our fields to your tables.

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We grow, pack & ship.

On a yearly basis, Valley Growers produces between 8-10 varieties of potatoes to meet the needs in the fresh market potato sector throughout Ontario.

Utilizing state of the art technologies that start from the storage ventilations systems, through the wash line to high efficiency optical grading equipment, we pack and ship thousands of pounds of potatoes everyday available in 5, 10, 20 or 50lbs bags.

Drop by or dropped off.

We can ship our potatoes anywhere in Ontario.

Drop by anytime Monday to Friday between 730am to 4pm to pick up fresh potatoes or call us to arrange delivery to your store or restaurant.




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